China Metallurgical Geology Bureau(CMGB) established by the state in 1952. It is a public welfare state-owned enterprise with the responsibility of improving the resource guarantee ability. It is mainly engaged in the geological exploration, research, development and service of solid minerals, production of super-hard materials and manufacturing of mechanical equipment. The total assets are more than 23 billion RMB. It operates, manages and supervises state assets according to related laws, and shoulders the corresponding responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state assets.

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Social responsibility

China Metalliurgical Geology Bureau focuses on coordinated development, resource guarantee, innovative & green & secure development, political leadership, compliance management, communication & cooperation, employee & shared development. These are our social responsibilities.

Great importance should be attached to social responsibility. We should actively fulfill social responsibility, integrate its concepts and actions into the development strategy of the enterprise in an effort to achieve sustainable development.

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